Stock feeds for cattle in Dandenong

A complete selection of stock feeds in Dandenong

When it comes ensuring your livestock reaches premium levels of health and quality, you need excellent feed and supplements. Dandenong Stock Feed Pty Ltd's stock feeds provide excellent nutritional benefits that will have your animals in the best possible condition. We have a range of mixes available, and can custom-mix feed for your specific requirements. Whether you're breeding cattle for beef or dairy, sheep, horses, or poultry, we provide specialised feed for maximum benefits. We also offer dog food, cat food, and bird seed in small or large quantities. Dandenong Stock Feed Pty Ltd is also the team to call for gardening and fencing supplies. Drop in and see us in Dandenong and get quality feed in any quantity, at excellent rates.

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Dandenong Stock Feed Pty Ltd's stock feeds are designed for maximum health and nutrition. We have different feeds and supplements for all types of stock. We have:

  • Dairy and beef cattle mixes
  • Mutton, lamb, and wool mixes
  • Quality feed for horses and poultry

We can also supply fertiliser, herbicides, soil improvers, and other garden and crop supplements. Dandenong Stockfeeds  in Dandenong is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of feed and garden supplies. Please feel free to call us for more information. 

About us

Dandenong Stock Feed Pty Ltd has years of experience in the agriculture industry. Over the years we have refined our processes and stock feeds to ensure that each mix is of the highest quality.

We can provide feed in any volume, with both wholesale and retail quantities available. Regular supplies are no problem at all, with hassle-free ordering and billing. With affordable, top-quality products and friendly service Dandenong Stock Feed Pty Ltd is your stock feed supplier in Dandenong.